Grammar Updates!

We have two new grammar pages this week, focusing on adjectives:

It is [adjective] for [someone] to [verb].


Interested v. Interesting

Check out the student-friendly explanation , practice exercises, and instructor tips.


Adjectives with infinitives are problematic for Spanish native-speakers and other subject-drop languages. It is often masked inside other grammar errors, like relative clauses (adjective clauses). If it seems that your student has many run-on sentences, or too many verbs in each clause, they may not have mastered this common English sentence pattern.

Participial adjectives (with -ing and -ed endings) are a frequent error that overlaps between a lexical and grammatical problem. Direct students to these resources only when you notice this specific error. These are usually limited to specific word forms that students have only partially acquired, and are easy to draw attention to. Once students become aware of the difference, language learners are often quite good at correcting this error themselves.

Students can edit digital documents easily by using the Find feature (Ctrl+F) and searching for either frequently misused words or specific grammar features. For example, you can put a space after the letters ‘ed’ in a search feature to look for only verbs and adjectives with that ending. This helps students narrow their editing visually. Remember – edit for one error at a time!

How do you help students with this error?

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