For Students

The right resources makes it easier to meet your goals! Improve your language learning here at Footnotes English. Our Grammar pages are easy to understand, with lots of examples and brief explanations. Our Academic Skills pages break down citation and academic language so that everyone can understand.


Pages of help for grammar topics that language learners often have trouble with in English. We focus only on the parts that students need extra help on. These are often the grammar points left to the end, or added to the side, of your grammar textbooks. These pages were built from our experience working with international students at an American university for over 5 years.

Don’t find what you need? Send me a message and I’ll add it!

Academic Skills

The idea of writing an essay for a college class can be intimidating. After all, American students also have to learn how to write in “academic style,” too. These pages will help you use sources in APA, use more academic vocabulary, and prepare for your time at the university.


Students often ask me how to improve their pronunciation. You can keep a journal of words that are difficult for you to say, or words you say that other people don’t understand.

Also, you can use a free resource – Google! – to practice certain sounds and words. Go here to learn more.

Other Resources

These are language study resources that we trust and recommend to our own students:


Elements of Success website Information and practice quizzes for grammar points Short grammar exercises. Also includes reading and vocabulary practice

SoundGrammar Listening grammar practice by the same people from Listening practice site ELLLO.

EnglishForEveryone Many practice topis, including verb tenses, vocabulary, and reading practice.

AllThingsGrammar Worksheets for practicing basic skills


Reading K-12 site for articles about science, social studies, etc. Includes reading questions and other activities.

Breaking News English News articles for ESL students A variety of articles from Easy to Academic.


Douglas College ESL Writing and Grammar resources

Typing Club Learn to type without looking at the keyboard Writing practice and all other skills!

Listening Real conversations with speakers from all around the world, from high-beginner to advanced.

LyricsTraining Music-based listening practice Conversation listening with comprehension questions

VoA Listening practice with vocabulary and questions. Also includes articles about U.S. education

CNN10 News stories from the U.S. in 10 minutes.

BBC 6 minute English BBC stories in 6 minutes for language learners

ESL-Bits 2 speeds for listening and reading hundreds of articles, stories, and books


Rachel’s English Pronunciation videos for sounding like a American.

ElementalEnglish Youtube videos about pronunciation and intonation Pronunciation practice for similar sounds

Pronunciation Practice Listening and Speaking practice for many minimal pairs. Read at the same time as you listen (shadow reading) with these true stories.

The Fox and the Grapes Listening for intonation with an old story. Other resources also on site.

Presentation Tips from Brown University

Sound Scripting A technique to practice intonation and word stress

Vocabulary Learn short sets of General or Academic vocabulary

Vocabulary Plus Independent at Unlimited vocabulary activities for $12 / 10 months.

Learner’ Vocabulary practice grouped by topic

Quizlet or Spelling City Make your own study practice lists. Make an account and the site will remember words that you search for to study later.