Footnotes Grammar

Have you ever…?

The adverb ever is used often in present perfect questions and negatives.

For example

Have you ever eaten kimchi?

I haven’t ever eaten kimchi.


You can see it in a few other sentence forms, as well. In these sentences, it means “at any time.”

If I ever won the lottery, I would buy a new house.

You look as beautiful as ever. (You look as beautiful as you did a long time ago.)

He wanted to be the best soccer player ever.

She only ever calls me when she has a problem.

The most common error is:
  • Using it in affirmative present perfect

I have ever  been to Chicago.

The students have ever seen that movie.

Instead, use time phrases like before, alwaysjust, or already.

I have been to Chicago before.

The students have already seen that movie.

I’ve always wanted to learn French.


Don’t forget! Present perfect uses ‘ever’ with questions and negatives.


Have you ever learned this word?

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