It is [adj] for [me] to [v].

It is [adjective] for [someone] to [verb] is a common sentence pattern in English.

For example

It is necessary for all children to have a good education.

It is not healthy to eat pizza every day.

It is too noisy for me to study in a coffee shop.


You can see that the BE-verb can take many forms, such as:

In the future, it may be possible for students to attend school from home.

It was surprising to hear that.


Common errors are:
  • Missing subject:

____ is really important to recycle.

For learning English, _______ is good to talk to other people.

  • Missing infinitive

It is hard ____ study a language.

It would be amazing ____ meet the president.

  • Using the wrong prepositions

It is interesting to me for playing soccer.


Errors often happen when this sentence pattern is part of a more complex sentence.

Most people don’t think about how important it is to have clean water.

I told him that it can be dangerous to drive and text at the same time.

Some people don’t have enough money to buy the things that are necessary to live.


Practice with these worksheets

Infinitives.It-is-to-V.Practice (pdf)


Editing: Always check that every verb has a subject.

 If you are using a computer, change the font color for every verb. Then, look and make sure that each one has a subject – change the subjects to a different color, too.

If your paper is printed, circle every verb. Then, look and underline their subjects.


Teachers: Download a printer-friendly copy of this page and instructor guide.

Infinitives.It-is-to-V.Grammar (pdf)

Infinitives.It-is-to-V.Instructor (pdf)


Is it easy for you to understand?

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