Looks / Looks like

Look is a verb that can have the same meaning as be or seem.

For example

He is happy.  He looks happy. He seems happy.

That is a great movie. That looks like a great movie.

The rules below are also for seems like, sounds like,  and feels like.

You can see that you use look with an adjective and look like with a noun.

Her car looks expensive.

It looks like an expensive car.

It looks like a Ferrari.

You can also use look like to predict something that will happen or guess about something that happened.

It looks like it will rain tonight.

It looks like they missed the bus.

Common errors are…
  • Using look like with an adjective.

Our teacher looks like very sleepy.

  • Forgetting like with a noun too.

That looks ________ my book. (like)

Errors often happen when …
  • A word can be a noun or adjective.

My sister looks professional.

My sister looks like a professional.

  • The following noun also has an adjective.

He looks like a very good father.

Editing: Always check that you use look before an adjective and look like before a noun.

 If you are using a computer, use Ctrl+F to search your document for the word look. Check the following words.


Teachers: Download a printer-friendly copy of this page.

LinkingVerbs.Look.LookLike (pdf)

Does this look like an easy topic?

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