Speaking practice with Google

One of the best tools for practicing pronunciation is already on your computer – and it’s free!

Step 1: Open Google Translate.

You can do this on your phone or computer. If you use a computer, you need a camera, microphone, or a way to record your voice.

Computers tablets phones and laptops can help you practice English pronunciation.

Other apps and websites like Dictation.io or Speechnotes also work. Find something that’s easy for you.

Step 2: Read a text.

On the right, use the microphone icon to read a paragraph or words that you want to practice.

Google Translation Pronunciation practice

Try these reading and pronunciation texts for English vowels.

Step 3: Check the words.

Check the left side. Did Google understand every word? Are there some missing or incorrect words? Listen to these words and practice their pronunciation. Then, try again.

Pronunciation isn’t easy, but it’s important. Keep practicing!

View the PDF of the guide.

How are you going to improve your Speaking this week?

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