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Academic Writing Skills

Our skill-focused pages include a short explanation of the featured point and a worksheet to give students. You can find answer keys and instructor guides for teaching tips. No worksheet is designed to be a stand-alone activity. Teachers should get started with informal activities to assess how much their students already know and what problem areas need more practice. After the lesson, students should receive follow-up advice for using this skill in their own writing.


Class Activities

Listen to Learn Vocabulary

6 activities for a 6-sided die

On Mondays, We Move



Student Grammar Pages

If you give digital feedback to students, try using links in the comment section instead of lengthy grammar explanations. Including this site, there are a number of great digital resources that your students can become familiar with to encourage their own self-directed learning.


Sustainability Series

Integrated skills units to develop academic skills that are focused on the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Living with Disabilities (Worksheets| Lesson Plans)


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